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Subject: My Friend Aruna By Alisha My Friend Aruna hot girls young By AlishaSend your comments to
I was driving to the teens nude young
airport to see off my friend Aruna. She was going to
Australia once again. She is a doctor there. It was a rainy day. I had
closed the doors and I felt the air sticky inside the car. My car is
getting older as fast as my husband. My husband had retired young iligal five years
back. He had been spending time on golf and clubs since then. But the
expenses for clubs were amounting equal to putas young his pension. I am a doctor
practicing in India, in young innocent nude a government hospital. I do not take bribes from
poor patients. So I can afford only a middle class lifestyle. I hinted once
the fact to my husband. He did not renew his membership to the club again.
I felt pity for ukrain young nude him. We never had young teens flashing
a quarrel in our life. It is true that we
do not have any children. But there are lot of couple having no children. I
am now nearing my menopause. So we do not hope for any children in our
life. All my patients are like children to me.Aruna was my classmate. She was daughter of our family servant. We were of
same age and we grown up together. She was presented with my old clothes
and books and my father gave her the school fee. She spent most of her
time at our palatial house. My father had been to Singapore and he had
earned a good youngest nonude girls fortune from there. Aruna would come to my room and sit on my
bed and would help me with my homeworks. She was brighter than me. If my
mother saw her sitting along with me, she would make her stand up and sit
again on the floor. She did not like servants to share naked young lollitas
seat with me. "You
are not keeping your position. Why do you allow that girl to sit with you?
Why does she stick with you always?", she would ask me. But I could not
send her away. She was doing my home works. She was better than me in
studies.We used to go to school and come back together. The journey was one of our
best memories of life. We would walk along the narrow country paths. The
sidewalls were made of coconut leaves covered with curtain plants. Aruna
would pick flowers and fruits from other's compounds and would present me.
She was always with me. She did not like other girls to make friends with
me. She was sometimes like a mother to me and she commanded me at school.
Only at our residence she behaved hardcore young teens like a subordinate to me.We had our bath at a pond near to our house. There was a small house like
structure constructed with steps leading to the pond so that men and women
can take bath separately. The water was pure and clear. There were lotus
flowers at one corner of the pond. We would swim from one end to the other
and pick up the flowers and would come back fast. Aruna was an youngest pissing girls expert
swimmer. youngest legal toplist She had the ability to stay underwater for a very long time. She
would scare us with snatching our legs coming under free young nudism water unnoticed. Soon
girls stopped swimming when Aruna was around. There was an old man who was
the priest of our temple. Aruna disliked him most and drew pictures of him
on the walls using charcoal. His big belly and irregular teeth was
brightly drawn by Aruna in her cartoons."Why do you hate him Aruna, why do you draw ill of him on the walls?" , I
asked her."He always peep at us when we bathe. I know he always shows his penis to
women as if sweet young malyshok by chance. Haven't you seen his ugly penis with all those
hairs around.", she asked me."No, I haven't noticed. How did you?"."You don't know anything. He used to shake his penis under water Pollok young team watching
women bath", she continued."Why do you talk dirty?. What's wrong even if he youngest nude sex shakes? It's his penis and
he can do what he want ", I asked her."You fool, he is shaking his penis to get pleasure while watching our tits
and cunt", Aruna was furious."I don't get you. How could he get pleasure, he may be having itch or pain
there", I said."Tomorrow I will show you something, be at the pond around 12 noon", Aruna
told me as we were going porno young free
home. The next day I came to the pond sara young porn with my
towel and soap. Aruna was waiting for me. She asked forbidden youngest teens
me to hide in a place
behind a bush and not to make a sound. I obeyed her. After some time an
elderly lady who was cleaning vessels at the temple came for her bath. The
pond was empty. It was not likely for persons to come at noon. The woman
cleaned the vessels and took them to shore and placed young male hunks
in sunlight to get
them dry. The she washed her mouth using some leaves and looked young girls prteen young vintage porn
at the
premises. Then she unhooked her blouse and left young nasty porn it in water followed by
her teen youngest thumbs dhoti. Now she had only a cotton brassieres and a towel around her
midriff. She washed her clothes and took them to shore to spread them to
dry. She moved as if no young nude incest hurry. We expected that she would bath till the
dress get dry as she did not carry any spare dress with her.We were watching her under the cover of a tree in our compound and there
were lot of bushes to camouflage us from others. She then lowered for some
time and I wondered what was she doing. "Dirty bitch, she is pissing in
the water", Aruna told to me. I wondered how Aruna guessed it. "Have free young twinks you
pissed in water?", she asked me. "No, why would young littlegirl we do in water?". "Its nice
to urinate in water when we are neck deep. I do it , its fun" she said.
"Then why are you blaming her?", I asked. "Pissing in water is one thing
and I was disgusted about her pissing open and she is sexy young teenagers
mature aged no?", she
argued.The women had now taken her cotton brassieres away and was beating her
clothes on the steps to wash dirt away. Her big breasts were dangling in
sequence with her action. It was a nice thing to watch. Her breasts were so
long and sagged. But yet she looked fancy to me. I was seeing a older women
naked for the first time and peeping young ladys naked was giving another unknown thrill to
me. Her dangling breasts with the black areola and the nipples in the
middle were a feast. I wondered how would she have been looked like at her
prime times. When she had done her washing she took some oil from a bottle
and started applying it on her body. She climbed on some steps higher and
looked around. There was no symptoms of any persons around. She again came
to lower and started rubbing her breast meat with the oil. young porn nu Soon her body
was glistening with oil. Her tits were reaching up to her belly. They were
sagged a lot. If she could make some upliftment about them, I bet she can
create waves even now. When she had done with her naked upper body she
started applying it to her young nudes
pussy and thighs. She turned her back towards us
and started applying globes of oil on young angels thumbnails her buttocks. At first she was
cautious about the possibility of some intruder but soon she got more
courage and we had a clear full view of her white buttocks with a deep
channel between them. The channel was dark. Her thighs were young youngboys freepics fat and
rounded. Then she turned facing us and adjusted her towel to apply oil to
her pussy. She young 14 nude loosed the ends of the towel and kept it as a cover using
one hand and by using the other she started oiling her pussy. Soon she
abandoned the modesty, and we got a clear view of her bush. And what a
bush, she had. It was like an uncropped harvest ready for yield. From a far
distance we loved the sight. I had my first cunt view in my life. I felt my
friend young nudists free Aruna too was sharing my young fuck picks
passions. Her warm breath was close to my
neck. She was keeping her face young nonnudes so close to me and whispered, "Look, he is
coming". I looked at the direction she mentioned.The priest was walking towards the bathing ghat with his dirty smile and he
was clad only a towel and his loincloth youngest free nudes were visible through kiddie young nude the towel. He
had applied oil all over his body and was ready for his bath. He looked
eagerly at the women's section and was delighted to see the woman who
quickly adjusted her towel hiked up to her breasts thus giving an ample
view of her thighs and the towel was covering only more than half of her
cunt forest. His eyes were popping out viewing the half nude woman and he
threw his towel away young stockings and jumped into the water with only a loincloth
covering his penis. The woman also started bathing. She immersed herself
under water up to her neck and started rubbing her body using some coconut
fibre. The priest was swimming like a child and was getting near and near
to the women's section. Soon he was rewarded with the women moving up out
of water and the towel was sticking close to her body and it was more
revealing than covering her nudity. The priest's eyes were rolling around
and when he was satisfied no one was around he moved more close to the
woman. The woman took some soap and started lathering it on her. She tried
to cover herself from the priest's eyes and gave more opportunity to show
us her nudity. The priest was lil young pussy moving his right hand in water as if trying
to catch a fish or moving the weeds away."You know what he is doing?. He is fucking himself with his hand. Look at
the way his hand moves, I bet he is shaking his penis watching her", Aruna
told in my ears. It was news to me. By the time the woman had finished with
her lathering and moved into the shallow water with soap bubbles all over
her body. She took a dip and the soap spread in the water making a white
colour around her. We looked at the priest. He was nowhere to be seen. We
did not seen him for some moments. Then to our surprise he appeared so
close to the women. Then woman was standing in steps under the water and
was facing us. She was pulling her hair to her front and was young sex movies washing them
my moving her face to and fro and her mass boys underwear young of hair was spread around
her. She lifted the hair and moved it up again like lathering with
shampoo. The hibiscus plant's leaves are used in place of shampoo and they
are excellent to prevent graying of hair. She was facing our direction and
was spreading the herbal paste on her hair . Then the sexy young grl
priest appeared from
water so close to naturists young girls
her. We both had to try our level best to suppress a
sudden gasp. The priest cupped her breasts from back and she was also
taken aback. She tried to escape from him but he was kissing her from
behind and she was naked above her waist. young boy naked His hands were busy milking her
large breasts. We expected the woman to slap the old man for trying to
assault her. But she looked around quickly and when she was satisfied no
one was around she smiled. She spread her hair back so as to cover his head
from russian young pictures
a young ls rompl sudden intruder and he was standing so close to her in water and we
could see only his hands cupping the woman's breasts young seduction
and pulling its
nipples. After cupping her breasts for some time he Neil young music turned her to face her
and started kissing young sexy children her. We could see only the woman's back from our point
of view. Her towel was fallen halfway in middle and we say his hands
cupping on her buttocks too. Soon her towel was fallen into the water and
she was fully nude and standing up to knee level in water. I admired their
courage. They are doing wild acts hot young top in a public pond and anytime someone can
appear in the scene.Aruna was sitting close to me so as to hide her head in the bush and she
was hugging me from behind. I was closely watching the love scene before
me. I never thought man and woman will do such naughty acts when no one is
around. Did my father too do such things to my mother? I wondered. Then I
felt Aruna's fingers pinching my nipples. I tried to get her hands
away. But then I too felt a wave of pleasure starting from my nipples and
reaching my brains like electricity. Aruna unbuttoned two buttons in my
shirt and began fondling my nipples. She used her fingers only on the tips
as if to pull my nipples from my body. The priest was busy kissing young sex pix and
fondling the women. Then he dived once youngest ru
again into water. The woman sat on a
step in water. Then we saw the priest's gray head between her legs for an
instant. Again he disappeared into water. We saw the woman clutching her
hands on the stone wall which separated the bathing ghats between men and
women. Her mouth young fucking porn
was showing an agony and ecstasy simultaneously. She
looked like cooing and the priests head appeared and disappeared between
her legs. Then we heard a 'blum' sound in the pond and thought somebody young boy naturists
appeared from nowhere and jumped into the water. The woman covered her with
towel and immersed herself into water in one instant. The priest was
nowhere to be seen. We looked around and found none. Then we saw the
priest in the middle of the pond far away from the women's ghat. He was
looking around and then we saw him laughing and moving towards the
shore. He appeared in the same position after sometime with a coconut in
his hands and he was showing it to the embarrassed woman. Now we also got
the clue. The sound was that of a coconut fell just into the water.The priest moved towards the woman with the coconut and presented it to
her. Both started laughing. Then told something to the woman and removed
his loin cloth. His black penis with a red top was visible. The women
jumped to the steps above and inspected the surroundings once again. She
came back and directly took the priest's penis into her mouth!. Both of
them disappeared into the water. He was young teen defloration
standing in the water with the
coconut and trying to peel its husk by hitting it on the stonewall
separation of ghats. The woman was moving to and fro taking his penis fully
in her mouth. Her towel was gone. We saw her nude buttocks and dangling
tits and she was bust sucking the penis. Then I felt my panties moved to
one side and Aruna inserted her finger to young latina ass my pussy. She started rubbing the
opening of anal sex young
my V with her finger and my eyes closed until I was rubbed into
a wave of pleasure. When I opened my eyes again the pond was empty. The
priest and the woman were gone. I felt my head spinning. Aruna was sucking
the finger she just had inserted into my small pussy opening like a girl
sucking her thumb.I did not sleep in that night. The images of the young incest anime wild behaviour of our
temple priest and the woman in a public pond were too much for me as a
young girl. I felt a tingling sensation between my legs whenever bbc young cuties I saw them
in my dreams. My fingers lead to my small cunny. The moment I touched
myself I shivered. I felt the tip on the opening channel of my V shaped
cunt. I rubbed there slowly like what Aruna did for me when we were
together. I felt a tremendous pleasure originating from the edge and I
tried to redhead teen young
spread the lips young girl sucking
and soon I increased my rubbing pace and after
sometime I got a vibration, which gave me immense pleasure. My breasts
started growing. At first I felt something itchy around my nipples and then
it began feeling like an ache and when days passed by I began to notice
that elder men looking at me with more curiosity than usual. I got looks
filled with admiration from my school mates. It seemed the whole world
suddenly got interested in my budding boobs. Another thing caused my
attention was that I began to experience shyness when people looked at
me. I tried to hide my budding nipples by keeping my books young school girls in front of me
when I go to school. The milkman and the newspaper boy began to watch me
more intently. The newspaper boy always threw papers in front of me instead
of giving it to my hands. When I tried to pick it from ground I felt his
hungry eyes piercing my cleavage and tried to peep inside of my jacket.On one Sunday Aruna and I were having our leisurely swim at our pond. We
had chosen a time when nobody would youngest russian girls
be around us. We were having muslin
towels around our midriff. I felt Aruna's eyes falling on my bare chest. It
was very unusual. I felt the same shyness when a man looked at me. I told
her, "What is this Aruna, I don't like you looking at me as if I naturist young pictures
am a
creature. I don't like they way you look at me."She spit the water from her mouth and said, "Shiela you have grown up. Your
tits have become big. No wonder our classmates run around you nowadays. I
did not young boys photographs
think you were such youngest thumb post
big. If I were a boy I would have sucked your
breasts"."You are a devilish girl, I don't want Cock sucker young
to talk with you.", saying that I
dived young pretens pics into the pool. There was water only up to our neck in the pond. I
stood on the sand dunes under the water looking for Aruna's response. Then
I felt Aruna taking my towel away and swimming towards the shore."Aruna, please give me the towel back, I can't swim naked like this.
Somebody will come soon", I pleaded to her. She had climbed up the steps
and was sitting on the steps mocking at me. She put my towel near her. I
decided to 3d gay young
take her by surprise. She might not expect me to climb from
water. I climbed up from the water like a nymph and I was naked as the day
I was born. I charged at nude young schoolgirl her to take my towel. But she took my hands and
shoved me to the grass near the steps of pond. There was a good cover by
bushes and grass was growing like a well-kept meadow.She climbed over me she was naked like me. She kissed illegal youngsex 12y me on my lips and she
kept my hands firmly pressed to ground away from my body. I tried to
escape. She forced me to lay under her and she started sucking my
protruding breasts. She was making me young head wild with desire. She spread my legs
wider and inserted one of her legs between my thighs. She was busy sucking
at my breasts and at the same time she moved her thigh between my legs
rubbing my pussy with her wet, soft thigh. At last I surrendered to her
amorous activities. She moved full over me and lay on my body with face to
face, breasts to breasts, pelvis to pelvis and cunt to cunt. Her mouth had
a sweet perfume. It was exotic and her lips tasted like lotus flowers youngest boys tgp and
unknown weeds grown in our pond. She was loving free young nude me like a man. candid pantyhose young
She moved
her thigh between my legs expertly. She scratched my young ameteur pictures buttocks with her long
nails. top young porn She bit my pelvis with her and both of our cunts completely hairless
met together. We grinded our pussies against each other. It was divine. it
was sheer pleasure. It was to heaven which she was taking me. I kissed her
back. She was delighted. She knew I had surrendered to her. She loved
it. Then we heard young natural foot steps closing by. We jumped into the water together.Thus we became lovers. Aruna would come to my room with some text and she
would make me show my tits to her. She would kiss me when nobody was
around. She would present me gifts like round pebbles, various types of
buttons and one day she gave me a chain made of sandalwood and young rape nudes another red
pebble like nut mixed intermittently. It was evidently a work of great
labour and patience. I young asian nonude kissed her in young femdom
gratitude. I was never again pleased
like that day in my entire life even when my husband presented my expensive
diamond necklaces.It was our festival at the temple. illegal young porno Everybody went to see fold dance and
programmes. Aruna told me to young cowboys stay at home saying some excuse. I told my
mother I was having stomach ache. She asked Aruna to stay with me at the
night and went to the temple along with others. We two were left out in our
home. Aruna closed the door and windows. She made me nude and began to
suck me from top to bottom. I was soon young petite elevated to a tower of pleasure. She
kissed my lips until they were both red. She parted my legs and sucked my
cunt. I had no hair on my cunt xxx very young
at that age. She then went to the kitchen
and took a jar of honey. She applied honey on my chest, nipples and in my
armpits. She licked each drop of the honey from my erogenous zones. Finally
she applied a generous amount of honey on my cunt and she spread my cunt
wide and applied honey on my pussy folds. She then sucked all petite young lesbians my pussy for
hours and hours until I was completely dried. By the time it was ended I
had several little orgasms.She then asked me to repeat the same to her. She applied honey on her tits
and belly button and all over her pussy. She made me lick on her pussy
again and again until she convulsed in a peak. She then turned exploited young porn and lay on
her stomach. She asked me to suck her back after applying honey. When I was
moving down to her buttocks, she pleaded me to suck her asshole. young gay movies I first
registered a reluctance to suck there but she begged me to do it. I applied
honey on her asshole and started sucking there. "Put indian virgin young
your tongue inside
please, ream it there please ". My reluctance soon melt away. I was ready
to please her in whatever way she desired. I could not understand why she
considered her asshole as the better pleasure region than her pussy. Later
I knew from her that she had done it on purpose. It was like she was a
servant to me for other people. She had much complex about it. By making me
to lick her asshole she got some of her pride back. It was not only
pleasure she was seeking. She wanted complete authority over me. She made
me surrender completely to her.When we grew up we both got admission to medical courses. My father paid
her tuition fees. young phedophilia cunt It was an expensive amount he spent on her. Everybody
praised my father's kindness to spare money on education of a servant
girl. But when my father expired unexpectedly she was the only person did
not cry. Everybody blamed her for not crying. She did not put flower and
rice on his dead body as per Hindu custom. I didn't understand why she
behaved like that. I didn't ask her about it. After all old fucks young he was only my
father and not hers. None can insist on gratitude for their contributions
like that. We both passed our course with high marks and I was soon married
to a guy who was about ten young puberty girl to fifteen years older than me. Our horoscopes
were matched and that fixed my destiny.Aruna was furious to see my young nudes posted future husband. She did not like him and she
did not show any enthusiasm on my marriage. Being my close friend she did
not participate in decorating me. She did not come for the customary
practice of applying henna on my palms pretooyoung pussy
and creating designs using henna.
Everyone talked ill young schoolgirl lesbians of her for her ingratitude. Hours before my marriage
she stormed into my room and pleaded, "Shiela you should not marry him, he
is too old for you. I don't like him. Come we will elope. I will protect
you. I will girl young pix get a good job and I will earn money for you. You don't have to
do anything. Please come, come jump right away.""Aruna, have you gone mad. Today is my marriage and you want me young rape to elope
with you. Eloping with a girl, are you crazy. Two women cannot marry in our
country. Please go to auditorium and bless me at wedding", I said.She stormed out of my room with tears in her eyes. I did not see her again
for a long year. (To be continued)Send your comments to very young cum
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